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Sony Mobile Hits Japanese Shores, Cuts 1000 Swedish Jobs

viagra pills The expected, becomes, the occurred. At first when the two giants merged, it was only a waiting period to see where the strategy lay. Now that it’s clear, Sony Mobile is laying off 1,000 employees and will also … Continue reading

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It’s Official! Intel Becomes Mobile Company With Atom-Based Xolo X900 Launch…

What it promised, it delivered. Announced at the Mobile World Congress in Spain, in February end, the world’s first smartphone to carry the market-dominating processor is out in the form of Xolo X900. Intel now plans to launch a number of other Atom-based smartphones … Continue reading

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Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Sony, Google…You Name It!: The 2012 World Mobile Congress

And here it is folks, in all its galore and glory, the globe’s largest and most extensive event of the mobile world. The party’s in the house and yes, the house is full…albeit, Apple is not present at the WMC … Continue reading

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Google to Replace Motorola CEO After Acquisition Clearance

Google will replace Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha with Google executive Dennis Woodside, according to latest Bloomberg insights. The move to put a Google insider to run the mobile giant makes sense after the $12.5 billion regulatory approval it received last … Continue reading

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