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PIPA, SOPA, The Internet & Your Mobile

The buzz, folks, and the heat, is officially on. With the American Congress tabling a bill that has wide-reaching ripples across the corporate and personal cyber ponds we swim in, the Stop Internet Piracy Act and the Protect IP Act … Continue reading

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Apple “Raises its Voice” To Drive Data Usage

Good news from Cupertino in sunny California…whilst Apple seems to be getting a tough time from Samsung in terms of smartphone sales (as well as innovation to a certain extent), there’s something to rejoice on the West Coast. The company’s … Continue reading

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Telecom Sector Immune From EU Debt Crunch….So Far, At Least

So you’re hearing it left and right, whether it’s the automotive sector in road-raging (well, once upon a time) Detroit, the banks on Wall Street, or the parliament in Greece…there’s a massive credit crunch folks, and Houston! We do have … Continue reading

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