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Are You the Ideal Info Worker…Which Mobile Gadget Are You Using to Power Your Performance?

Once, it might have been only the boss, with those 4-5 Blackberry devices beeping around his belt, that had to cater to multiple devices. However, according to Forrester’s latest  workforce employee survey across more than 9,900 information workers in 17 … Continue reading

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Google to Replace Motorola CEO After Acquisition Clearance

Google will replace Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha with Google executive Dennis Woodside, according to latest Bloomberg insights. The move to put a Google insider to run the mobile giant makes sense after the $12.5 billion regulatory approval it received last … Continue reading

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Nokia’s New Nokia Lumia 800 Might Not Be Making the Cut

A forecast from research-giant IDC suggests that 520,000 phones using the Windows operating system – spread over HTC, Samsung & Nokia – will ship in Western Europe in the fourth quarter. This compares with 140,000 Windows Phones shipped in the … Continue reading

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A Case of Sleek & Styish: What Nokia World 2011 Unveiled

The curtains went up, the lights went blue, and out came a new Nokia to the world’s center-stage…a Nokia with something to hedge against the iPhone & Galaxy; a Nokia showing a new resolve to analysts and media alike….this truly … Continue reading

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