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Apple iOS 5.1.1: Upgraded OS Makes Experience More Enjoyable

Talk about the notion of always having “room for improvement.” In the technology world, that translates to always having room for upgrades, and that’s exactly what Cupertino’s market-leading giant did, release the upgraded version for the mobile OS that powers … Continue reading

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Mozilla, Telefonica, Deutsche Telekom & Something “10 times cheaper than the iPhone.”…. Simply Scintillating

Talk about following in the footsteps. Mozilla, like Google, is all set to become a major player in the mobile world here, I mean, are we looking at this as the “Year of the Mozilla”? The Firefox producer has just … Continue reading

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LTE Advanced: How Advanced & Futuristic?

Giants like Sprint Nextel, AT&T Mobility and others are due to begin rolling out LTE Advanced network technology as soon as 2013. For analysts of the industry, it is the time when insights about how and what the effects could … Continue reading

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A Case of Sleek & Styish: What Nokia World 2011 Unveiled

The curtains went up, the lights went blue, and out came a new Nokia to the world’s center-stage…a Nokia with something to hedge against the iPhone & Galaxy; a Nokia showing a new resolve to analysts and media alike….this truly … Continue reading

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Sprint’s Mammoth $20 Billion Gamble with 4-year iPhone Deal

Sometimes when you hear the term “all or nothing”, it’s just conventional in sound and effect, but Sprint really took it to the next level with the latest exclusive iPhone 5 carrier deal. The USA’s no.3 wireless carrier has held … Continue reading

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Unleash the iPhone 4S: The Wait…Finally…Is Over

So, the event might not have been as dazzling as the late Steve Jobs made it look over the years, but the new Apple presenter, Phillip Schiller, Senior VP of Worldwide Product Marketing, did do a decent job of introducing … Continue reading

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