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RIM Finally Beats Analyst Forecasts

It might have still been a loss, but a “better than expected” loss, something definitely on the road to recovery. For the first time since the management shake-ups, the share drop-downs, the product portfolio revamps, the Blackberry maker finally has … Continue reading

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Market Disruption: The Apple & Samsung Saga In a Nutshell

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HTC One X: A Shot at Revival?

It’s no secret that days when the HTC Wildfire was an item-for-sure on everyone’s wish list are over. However, it’s no secret either that HTC is well-known to make comebacks, and it sure did with the gorgeous new HTC One … Continue reading

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iPhone 5 Not to Have Liquidmetal Body, but Innovation Plays On

So those who couldn’t afford to sport the ultra-luxurious, hand-made, souped-up Vertu mobile phones were finally relieved that something that, at least seems to give off the essence of affluence, was now going to hit the market. Unfortunately, the bubble … Continue reading

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Sprint Nextel Restructuring & Job Cuts: Is the Telecom Sector Immune Enough?

We blogged about how the telco sector had been riding out the tectonic waves from the recession in Europe, albeit, American giant Sprint Nextel still seems to be shuffling its cards to get the right plays out. Last month, they … Continue reading

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Sprint’s Mammoth $20 Billion Gamble with 4-year iPhone Deal

Sometimes when you hear the term “all or nothing”, it’s just conventional in sound and effect, but Sprint really took it to the next level with the latest exclusive iPhone 5 carrier deal. The USA’s no.3 wireless carrier has held … Continue reading

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