RIM Finally Beats Analyst Forecasts

It might have still been a loss, but a “better than expected” loss, something definitely on the road to recovery. For the first time since the management shake-ups, the share
drop-downs, the product portfolio revamps, the Blackberry maker finally has
something to say “phew” about and wipe sweat off the forehead.

Smartphone Sales Leading the Change

The company sold 7.4 million smartphones, about 500,000 more than analysts had projected, and posted a narrower loss for the period than estimated, whilst increasing its cash holdings. In this previous quarter, RIM posted its third consecutive loss, but the fact that it was a much smaller loss than analysts had been fretting over was an indicator that something has started to click about it in the lucrative smartphone segment. The results percolate that RIM can gain customers in lower- income markets such as Asia and Africa, even as it struggles to compete in the U.S. with the Apple iPhone and devices running
Android. However, the key lies in a successful release of the BlackBerry 10, something
that was also discussed by CEO Thorsten Heins at the Blackberry World Conference in Orlando.

Meanwhile…In the Mobile World

After our last coverage of the highly-successful iPhone 5 event, and almost bizarre buying patterns associated thereof (2 million orders in the first 24 hours!), today’s launch extends to 28 countries, including Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Italy and a host of other key markets. The device is expected to sell 58 million units and generate a sweet $36 billion. Something to rave about on the Android front includes the AMD Appzone. The processor manufacturer’s new platform enables users to download Android apps right to their PCs, which were previously only for mobile devices. The move is bound to spur app sales on the Android platform, something that could the platform users a distant sense of satisfaction after the iPhone 5 hammering.

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