Retail Innovation: Be Your Own Boss At WalMart with iPhone

Scan & Go Mobile Retail Shopping Experience buy viagra online melbourne

Whilst everything else seems to be redefining itself to suit the mobile age, from restaurants to filling stations, some sectors offer to go the extra mile. The retail sector has its share of exciting stories to tell about how consumers can make greater purchasing decisions through their gadgets…and then actually make the purchase using their phone, all without bothering anyone at the store!

Walmart Implementing “Scan & Go” System Self-Checkout Lanes

For a retail enterprise that spends a whopping $12 million on cashier wages, every second, it’s a great move forward towards strengthening the bottom-line. Walmart is trialing the new Scan & Go program at its Rogers, Arkansas, superstore, and last week invited iPhone-equipped employees to test the service. Customers will be able to scan products they wish to purchase using iPhones, and place each item in bags while they shop. Scan & Go transfers pricing information on each scanned item to the store’s self-checkout kiosks, where shoppers can complete the transaction using cash or cards. tadalafil online

This latest initiative follows weeks after the global giant said it will partner with key retailers such as Target, Best Buy, Sears and 7-Eleven to create the Merchant Customer Exchange, a nationwide mobile commerce network designed to rival efforts like Isis, the POS initiative spearheaded by Verizon Wireless, AT&T and T-Mobile USA.

Mobile Retail Reshaping Shopping Across the World

According to the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) in the UK, 92% of shoppers research products while on the move. Of these, nearly half go into a store to buy, 37% make their purchase on a desktop PC and 28% on their mobile. American retailer Walgreens recently announced that it has become the first national retailer to maps its stores in a mobile app. viagra cost

The greatest edge that mobile provides in a retail environment is an extremely personalized shopping experience. The need to have an in-store resource talk to the customer has been transformed into an app doing the talking and product introduction. In a recessionary economy, the cost-savings resulting to retailers with such technology will eventually become a huge plus for budget-conscious customers. A win-win situation for all.

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