Sony Mobile Hits Japanese Shores, Cuts 1000 Swedish Jobs

Sony Mobile Job Cuts in Sweden viagra pills

The expected, becomes, the occurred. At first when the two giants merged, it was only a waiting period to see where the strategy lay. Now that it’s clear, Sony Mobile is laying off 1,000 employees and will also move its global HQ to Tokyo from Lund, Sweden, as the company tries to turn around its fortunes in the smartphone space.

Restructuring the Mobile Market Competitor

The restructuring comes about six months after the company became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony, following Sony’s acquisition of Ericsson’s 50 percent stake in their joint venture, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications. The relatively small Swedish town will be the hardest hit by the changes as close to 600 employees will be affected by the job cuts. hay cialis generico en mexico

However, it will not be completely closed, as about 2,000 people will continue to work on software and application development, a Sony Mobile statement explained. The remaining headcount reductions will primarily consist of consultants in Sweden. Globally, the redundancies represent about 15 percent of Sony Mobile’s workforce, and the restructuring is set to finish by the end of March 2014.

Smartphone Branding Playing Critical Role

The ultimate goal being to making the company profitable, however, in addition to the business reengineering efforts, Sony Mobile will have to convince more consumers to buy its devices. It is now accelerating its integration and convergence with the wider Sony portfolio to help make its products more desirable. generico de cialis

The company has struggled to keep up with smartphone market leaders Apple and Samsung, as well as smaller Android competitors like HTC and Motorola. And according to Gartner’s data for the second quarter, it is no longer one of the ten biggest phone makers in the world by volumes. Its technology might not be the weaker link, but the branding definitely needs to be revamped to match the likes of the industry juggernauts that dominate the space.

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