New LG Voice Assistant Technology to Tackle Apple iPhone Siri

LG Optimus LTE 2 Smartphone

LG introduced the Optimus Pad LTE earlier this year and after a less-than-enthusiastic reception for its second Android tablet the company is ready to leave this market behind. The announcement, coming back after the Microsoft Surface tablet hit the markets, may be a smart move, especially since the company is revving-up its smartphones with technology such as the new voice assistant, LG Quickvoice.

LG Tablet Business Being Put on Backburner

One of the world’s largest electronics OEMs out there, producing anything from mobiles to home appliances, LG is currently trying to turn around its mobile-phone business after losing the global third-place spot to Apple earlier this year. Their most recent Optimus 4x HD has got positive reviews around the web and the upcoming Optimus LTE2 looks to overtake it. The company also makes Windows-based laptops, but is not among the top five vendors, and says it remains open to making devices using Microsoft’ Windows Mobile OS, something that Nokia has used to its benefit, concentrating on the likes of Lumia to regain market position.

LG Quick Voice, A Potential Limelight Winner, Perhaps?

Now that it has plans to follow rivals Apple and Samsung in launching a voice-activated assistant for its smartphones, “Quick Voice” is being rolled out in LG’s base country of Korea on the company’s Android-powered Optimus phones. It will bring natural voice recognition to various tasks on the phone, including writing texts, triggering voice calls, inputting contacts and setting calendar appointments, and will work with 11 applications in total, such as voice maps, weather, web search etc. After its initial run on the Korean scene, the company plans to take the technology global, but will it be a popular game-changer? Time will tell.

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