Here Comes the Google Nexus 7 Tablet to Rival iPad

Google Nexus 7 Tablet

Innovation, and the table wars, are two things that can’t seem to hit rockbottom these days. Just when we thought it would be safe to leave the Apple iPad the prime contender for this year, the giant-named-Google will launch its cost-effective Nexus 7 tablet at the Google I/O developer’s conference this week in San Francisco, co-branding it along with Taiwanese Asustek.

Latest Version of Android, Google Jellybean, to Debut Along

Gartner estimates the tablets market to double this year to 118.9 million units , and it seems Google is definitely hungry for a good slice of the pie. Though Android sports more than half of the smartphone market share, tablets with the software have won less than half the iPad’s share, and all this, amidst pressure from the new Microsoft Surface tablet unveiled this month, and showing some strong sales promise. The device is also set to showcase the latest OS from Google, termed as “Jellybean.” With a $199 price tag, it does seem recluse to the iPad’s $499 territory, but it might as well help Google to compete with the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet.

Tablet Market Dynamics & Crossed-Fingers

Now, the buzz around the analyst world is that there’s been a host of iPad-contenders over the past few months but none has really posed a serious threat to Apple’s dominance and market-position. With Google and Microsoft entering the ring, it obviously is bigger than someone like Amazon, and all it takes is one market-breaker to do the job, imitating the likes of what Samsung Galaxy did to the Apple iPhone. And soon enough, it could be very similar to following the smartphone battles every quarter, to see whether Samsung made the top-cut or California’s hottest tech export. Whatever it may be, it’s fair to say that the Apple iPad is still to continue leading for what remains of this year, but since it’s the technology world, fingers crossed!

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