All-American Smartphone Battle: Android Losing Ground, Apple iOS Raking It In

And here it is folks, the numbers are out for first half of 2012, and so is the winner. Seems like the pendulum keeps shifting and the turf keeps sporting a new winner. Whilst Android still leads the race, powering about half of all smartphones across the US market, the graphs indicate a declining trend, whilst iOS turns the heat on.

Above 100 Million Smartphone Users

According to data from comScore’s latest survey conducted across a userbase surpassing 100 million, Android ran on 50.8 percent of U.S. smartphones in April 2012, down from 51 percent the previous month, but up from 48.6 percent in January. Apple’s iOS follows Android at 31.4 percent, increasing from 29.5 percent in January. The BlackBerry platform continues its worrisome form, slipping another 3.6 percentage points between January and April to tangle in only about 11.6 percent of the U.S. smartphone market. The Microsoft Windows platform slipped from 4.4 percent in January to 4 percent in March, and Symbian fell from 1.5 percent to 1.3 percent.

Text Messages & Changing Platforms

Seems as if IM from leading platforms such as Vopium is gaining ground, as text messaging dipped slightly in April. 74.1% of U.S. subscribers sent a text to another mobile device, down from 74.6 percent in January. Albeit, it’s not like mobile messaging is declining anytime soon, with Pew’s “Internet & American Life” project indicating 97% of mobile users as avid text fans. Furthermore, app downloads continue to show upward trends as 50.2 percent of subscribers used at least one downloaded application, up from 48.6 percent in January, and 49 percent accessed the mobile browser, up from 48.5 percent three months earlier. Overall, it spells good news for the mobile world, the more the users, the rapid rate of tech evolution.

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