Apple iOS 5.1.1: Upgraded OS Makes Experience More Enjoyable

New Apple iPhone Upgrade 5.1.1

Talk about the notion of always having “room for improvement.” In the technology world, that translates to always having room for upgrades, and that’s exactly what Cupertino’s market-leading giant did, release the upgraded version for the mobile OS that powers the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Though there’s no major changes, and it’s more like tweaking and beefing-up existing arsenal, still shows a great deal of quality and customer focus from Apple.

A Bag of Cogs’n’Nuts for the iOS

The update includes a plethora of small fixes. First, taking HDR photos from the Lock Screen shortcut should now work more reliably. Most importantly, bugs that previously prevented the the third-generation iPad from successfully switching between 2G and 3G networks have also been lasered into oblivion. Additionall, issues that were affecting the AirPlay video playback have also been taken care of, in addition to improvement on Safari bookmark and Reading list syncing. And if you’ve ever seen an “Unable to purchase” alert after successfully purchasing something on iOS, here’s some real good news, the 5.1.1 update also resolves that issue.

Key to Apple’s Growth

Following a blowout fiscal second quarter, Apple Inc. continues to be the leader amongst technology stocksin the world, and one of the catalysts of that growth is percolated from this latest upgrade. While focus on delivering market-disruptive devices has been key to growth, equal follow-up on customer-satisfaction has led to quarterly revenues of $39.2 billion, a whopping increase from the $24.7 billion reported in the comparative quarter last year, and above the consensus estimate of $36.81 billion. Though the company faces stiff competition from Samsung, which grabbed the smartphone-share title, the podium called “revenue leader” still lights up Apple insignia. After an interesting first-half of 2012 starts wrapping up, let’s see what surprises and devices the rest can show!

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