Are You the Ideal Info Worker…Which Mobile Gadget Are You Using to Power Your Performance?

Once, it might have been only the boss, with those 4-5 Blackberry devices beeping around his belt, that had to cater to multiple devices. However, according to Forrester’s latest  workforce employee survey across more than 9,900 information workers in 17 countries, today’s user is hooked on to an average of about 2.3 devices.

Info Workers Using Multiple Tech & Mobile Devices

Device Bonanza: The Smarts, Mobiles, Tablets…Ahoy 21st Century!

Take a guess, how many devices can today’s tech-centric worker use? If you were to ask the IT staff, the answer will be that most use a laptop, some use a smartphone, and a few use a tablet. But, according to the Forrsights survey, about 74% of the information workers used two or more devices for work, and a staggering 52% used three or more! What are the multiple tech eggs doing in the basket? Part of the increase is thanks to a growing interest in work systems and personal cloud services that enable easy multidevice access, such as Dropbox, Box, SugarSync, Google Docs/Apps, Windows Live, Apple iCloud etc.

What It Means for Mobile OS Share in the Corporate World

It’s no secret that the PC segment will continued to be dominated by Microsoft, which is still far above 90% in share, and declining only incrementally in the face of growing Apple Mac share. Microsoft’s share of PCs in companies is even higher. But given Microsoft’s minuscule share of mobile devices, that means that the company’s share of the OS on devices used for work will continue to erode.

Since the buying dynamic points to 73% of the smartphones, used for work, and 66% of the tablets, being paid for by the workforce themselves, the battleground shifts back to the likes of Android, Apple iOS and – if the move pays off as planned – soon enough Windows Mobile, riding on the back of Nokia’s brand equity and assortment of latest devices.

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