Nokia Qt Ecosystem Showing Signs of Growth

We blogged about Nokia’s Qt platform in its early stages some time ago. Picking up results from ‘011, and having passed this year’s Q1, the interest in Qt from the software development community is bigger than ever before. Qt 4.8 libraries are out and initial feedback is positive, with the preparations for Qt 5 transitioning on smoothly.

Collective Strategies From Nokia, A Truly Global Platform

An excellent strategy that should pay off well once the revolution is in full-throttle, the Qt project has 20% of its contributions, to core modules, from non-Nokia employees. Approximately 1000 developers have been signed up and development works are in full-swing. Moreover, the Nokia Store has 10 million downloads per day and offers developers an opportunity to target 155 million Nokia devices with Qt apps. A good working model for experiencing the dynamics of the Qt platform is the Nokia N9, all the data pointing towards a growth-oriented ecosystem.

Nokia 808 Pureview @ the World Mobile Congress

It’s not just that organic growth that’s adding weight to everything, but Nokia has been zealous enough to hold developer events around the globe, as well as flex muscle at global events. The Carl Zeiss optics-equipped Nokia 808 Pureview was unveiled at the WMC in Barcelona this year, and is touted to be one of the game-changers for promoting Qt. Additionally, events held across China and Japan had more attendees, showing more fervor for the upcoming Qt 5 platform. On a comparative scale, it is worthy to note that if Nokia had trouble keeping up with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy, or the Apple iPhone, it did a very good job of strategic maneuvering and making impact with its development platform. It serves as a solid example for Blackberry maker RIM, which has had to steer through similar storms.

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