Mozilla, Telefonica, Deutsche Telekom & Something “10 times cheaper than the iPhone.”…. Simply Scintillating

Boot2Gecko OS

Talk about following in the footsteps. Mozilla, like Google, is all set to become a major player in the mobile world here, I mean, are we looking at this as the “Year of the Mozilla”? The Firefox producer has just announced a major partnership with Spanish telco Telefonica and T-Mobile’s German parent, Deutsche Telekom to produce  “a hardware platform that uses a Qualcomm chipset”, which CNET reports is “ten times cheaper than an iPhone.” The sheer news is melody to analyst ears, since what’s lying ahead is a major market-turf disruption here.

Mozilla’s Entry, LG’s Opportunity

If rumor runs to reality, then, apart from the telco partnerships, LG is set to be Mozilla’s likely choice for being the hardware producer. It bodes well for LG, which has yet to make waves like the ones it does when it comes to flatscreen panels. Interestingly, like every successful OS and its corresponding app store, B2G will be coupled with Mozilla Marketplace (an open app store) since B2G devices would need a dedicated app store to catch the attention of the end users.

Mozilla Marketplace will be open for the developers who in turn will make open web apps for the Firefox browser, and also for the upcoming devices based on B2G OS using CSS, JavaScript and HTML5. Strategically looking at it, one the key flares behind this movement will be the likes of Qualcomm and Adobe throwing their weight behind the HTML5 platform.

Rebel With A Cause

It is obviously no secret, the influence and command that giants like Apple & Google sport over carrier networks in deciding how to best suit their devices. The telco crop that doesn’t seem to feel all too good about the saturation appears to be ideal targets for exacerbating B2G’s forays into markets. For them, a truly open-source marketplace that each carrier can virtually “colonize” with their own assortment of apps is a notion that seems to be gluing in elements of the mobile world to Mozilla’s upcoming revolution. Overall, it is good change for the world, not just the mobile world.

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