Mobile Technology Driving Social Accomplishment Across the Planet

Mobile Technology and Social Impact

There’s a couple of us that seem to have dedicated themselves to fine causes such as literacy rate increase, poverty alleviation, health awareness promotion etc. It pays off even more to be technology-savvy when it comes to serving humanity, overcoming some of the barriers that may hamper the servitude. More soothing it is to find out the extent to which mobile devices have started to revolutionize social impact and extend its reach to where not possible before.

Spotlight: Vodafone Foundation

A solid proof of concept exists in the form of the Vodafone group’s social arm that has been making significant social contributions across its operating regions. The company’s Red Alert initiative, in collaboration with Telecoms Sans Frontiers & the World Food Programme, is an emergency SMS-fundraising initiative that makes the process of responding to disasters a very streamlined one; enabling customers and employees in 21 countries to donate free of cost via text messaging. Similarly, the immediate setting up of mobile donation platforms in the devastating floods across Pakistan served as a critical niche leading to recuperation efforts.

Of Apps & Peace

And it’s not just the juggernauts that are pitting technology against issue to beat the odds. Souktel, a Moroccan NGO is in the process of developing voice-recognition technology to connect illiterate job seekers with prospective employers, through the uploading of voice CVs. Take it a step further, like they say, “A fellow who does things that count, doesn’t usually stop to count them.” Aviv Heilweil, an Israeli entrepreneur just created Misbaha for Android & iOS, an app that serves as a mobile alternative for the traditional Muslim counting of prayer beads as one progresses through the daily collection of prayers & litany. The word “peace” appears in three languages for several seconds while the app is launching, a message that Heilweil hopes “will seep through.”

At Vopium, we constantly strive to make a positive impact across the communities we serve, and laud all global efforts that resonate our own, whether at the multinational level, or simply sitting down and thinking about fellow human-beings! Heal the world. Make it a better place.

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