ESPN: From Sports Giant to Mobile Apps Giant

It probably wasn’t too long ago when you followed up on Lionel Messi’s curve-around-the-post goal or “Linsanity” sweeping across the world via ESPN’s mobile app. Well, the global media giant just launched ESPN Developer Center, a new online resource enabling developers to build mobile and web applications integrating ESPN content and data.

Mobile Sports, Not Mobile Gaming

It’s not exactly the next high-speed turbo racing game coming out, but the functionality of the whole initiative has a more sports reporting feel to it. It basically offers software engineers and developers the opportunity to join the company’s API (application

ESPN Developer Center for Mobiles

programming interface) program, for the purpose of creating new web and mobile apps for sports fans. Hundreds of unique daily news stories spanning dozens of sports and hundreds of teams and athletes will be at the developer’s perusal, enabling one to come up with dynamic new ways to get the data on to smartphones and tablets.

“The ESPN Developer Center allows us to scale more quickly and to reach more fans in new ways with the ESPN content they want,” said Jason Guenther, Vice President of ESPN Digital Media Technology. “Making ESPN APIs available to innovative partners and independent developers helps ensure that we remain nimble, efficient and creative in our own product development, which translates to more and better ESPN products for fans.”

A New Paradigm for Mobile Media

Coming with the package is the Research Notes API, which gives partners access to exclusive sports facts and figures compiled by the ESPN Stats and Information Group.
What’s more interesting to analyze here is the marketing strategy from a mobile perspective. What if other media giants were to start relenting on key internal stats and news, in order to turbo-up the process of product development? Imagine a scenario where a developer’s app could could channel CNN’s breaking alerts to you in real-time, at the same cyber-velocity as CNN’s app itself. As the results roll out for ESPN’s initiative, we foresee no choice for other media companies, but to follow suit.

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