Smartphones Driving Healthcare, Not Just Sales: Juniper

We’ve blogged quite a bit about how smartphones are shaping the world and consumer demographics in different parts of the world, but now we’ll bring something even more interesting to you. The new drop in the innovation ocean is helping the healthcare cause through the “remote patient monitoring” phenomenon according to a recent study from Juniper Research.

Healthcare Data Transmission Through Smartphones

The study projects that by 2016, more than 3 million patients will be using remote monitoring devices that transmit data via smartphone. But it’s not just smartphones playing the key role, as the credit is distributed amongst innovations in the medical field. The growing number of peripheral devices for monitoring patient data–from wearable biometric sensors to testing and diagnostic plug-ins–and smartphones’ increasing processing power, all add up to the revolution.
Cardiac Monitoring currently leads the field, but advancements are leading to the management of diabetes and COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder), as well as other chronic diseases, via this platform.

FDA Steps Into the Mobile World

So, with everything else, from grandma’s heritage recipes to the dog’s daily routine having hit the mobile, it’s about time personal health also became priority amongst mobile apps. That, however, means that the Food & Drug Authority in the US will start playing a major role in the field, with the primary impetus being patient data sensitivity. According to the study, “Clarification from the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) on which mHealth apps will require FDA approval is still required”.

According to Anthony Cox, associate analyst at Juniper, the mHealth market is still in “very early days yet.” However, the growing popularity of remote monitoring, particularly as a cost-saving maneuver for healthcare, is clear. The findings resonate research from Juniper which was released last November, projecting the number of health apps jumping to 124 million by 2016.

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