Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Sony, Google…You Name It!: The 2012 World Mobile Congress

Mobile World Congress

And here it is folks, in all its galore and glory, the globe’s largest and most extensive event of the mobile world. The party’s in the house and yes, the house is full…albeit, Apple is not present at the WMC this year. However, almost every other tablet maker is twitching fingers over the iPad 3 and their strategies to best the upcoming monster. Other than that, loads of good stuff straight from Barcelona.

From New Sets to Overall Industry Settings

Let’s take a look at the broad horizon of agendas this year. Just the sheer assortment of mission-critical topics ranging from branding & marketing to network strategies for carriers leaves one with that feeling of being a kid in a candy shop again. However, one of the pressing issues and summaries of the event will be for operators to streamline strategies, going forth in a world with exceedingly evolving device ecosystems and competitor platforms. That’s probably the reason it was highlighted by the likes of Telecom Italia, Vodafone and AT&T Mobility on the opening day of the congress.

Leading the list in tier-2 are going to be topics revolving around mobile money, the emerging field of mobile health, and most importantly (because it resonates the parallel revolution in the complementing IT dimension), the role of cloud content.

The Mobile App Corner

Never to forget, apps play a critical role in a world dominated by smartphones. Nokia, Blackberry, Samsung, IBM and are playing crucial roles in defining this year’s framework for discussion and insights. It was critical for Nokia to step up game at the WMC, primarily to showcase the fruits of  its partnership with Microsoft, and that’s just what it did. Should be a good pay-off in the upcoming year for the giant that has strived to financially wake-up lately. And finally, the 17th Annual Global Mobile Awards, with a  record 600 entries from all corners of the mobile world. All of this should serve as a great leap forward in a year when many innovations and market-turf battles are set to play out.

Vopium at the Congress

We as a company have come out with a plethora of innovative apps and a White Label Solution that is set to make major waves with telecom operators. According to CEO Tanveer Shareef, “With the turn-key White Label Solution, telcos can get fast to market with their own brand and visual identity, using a proven and well-tested solution, instead of investing in a lengthy and costly VoIP development process.” Be sure to visit us at Hall 7, Booth 7F12 to learn more about the great things we’ve been coming out with. See you there!

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