Google to Replace Motorola CEO After Acquisition Clearance

Google will replace Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha with Google executive Dennis Woodside, according to latest Bloomberg insights. The move to put a Google insider to run the mobile giant makes sense after the $12.5 billion regulatory approval it received last week from the European Union and Department of Justice.

Contenders & Winners at Google’s New Motorola

According to the report, which cited three unnamed sources familiar with the matter, the considerations for the top-post were given to Christy Wyatt, Motorola’s senior vice president for enterprise, and Chief Strategy Officer John Bucherm before Woodside emerged as the winner. Potentially because he oversaw Google’s advertising sales business in the Americas, before taking on the job of overseeing the acquisition in the second half of last year.

Now, there was no official word from Google and Motorola, but remarks from Motorola spokeswoman Jennifer Erickson were notable, “We’re focused on running the business and getting the deal closed and wouldn’t comment beyond that on executive changes.” Well, the official mouth is sealed, but industry insiders are hedging Woodside as the top horse here.

Success…At Last!

The DoJ and the EU each gave their final nods to the acquisition last week, eliminating the long-standing obstacle to Google’s mammoth entry into the mobile hemisphere. Albeit, Microsoft recently filed a complaint with the EU over a patent dispute with Motorola, claiming that the handset maker is charging unreasonable terms for certain patents related to it, though Motorola has said it is open to resolving the issue in a “mutually beneficial manner.” Something the search-engine giant will have to pay attention to.

Google has said Motorola will be a subsidiary and will operate at arm’s length, not receiving preferential treatment over other Android licensees. Google will obtain 17,000 wireless patents through its acquisition of Motorola and looks to strategically leverage those patents to shield other Android licensees.

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