Samsung Emerges As Holiday Season Winner

The battle from fourth quarter of last year, and probably the ultimate battle of the corporate world aka the Holiday Season, is over, and whilst the results from all industry verticals are pouring in, the Korean giant once again steals the end-of-the-year show.

Rising Profits, but Increasing Dependency

The friendly battle between Samsung and Apple (since Samsung also supplies components for Apple) played out to the Asian giant’s delight as the Galaxy smartphone continued to drive sales in the Holiday Season. The fourth-quarter profit of $4.5 billion made a strong statement to end the year off, triumphing over analyst expectations. However, the overall picture may not be that sweet for the continent’s largest consumer-electronics maker. According to Park Hyun, analyst at Seoul-based Tong Yang Securities “Samsung’s entire profit is now increasingly dependent on their telecommunication business,” If you’re thinking “why?” Well, the company is draining cash on LCDs, a business they completely took over from the joint operation with Sony.

And Innovative Too! “Phablets”…Anyone?

Samsung Galaxy Note                                                      The Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung overtook Apple in the third quarter of last year to become the world’s largest smartphone seller after shipping 27.8 million units, with smartphone sales more than tripling during the three- month period from a year ago, and its market share more than doubling. The bottom-line is, it has continued to evolve its product portfolio as well, utilizing innovation to navigate around the recession. Take, for example, the Galaxy Note, a hybrid between a smartphone and a tablet, with some dubbing it as a “phablet.” The super-sized smartphone has already hit the 1 million sales mark, with analysts calling it a “courageous” move from the company.
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