Apple “Raises its Voice” To Drive Data Usage

Good news from Cupertino in sunny California…whilst Apple seems to be getting a tough time from Samsung in terms of smartphone sales (as well as innovation to a certain extent), there’s something to rejoice on the West Coast. The company’s voice-recognition software aboard the iPhone 4S, “Siri”, is really, really driving data usage these days.

Man & Machine Unite

Whether it’s helping iPhone users schedule appointments, write out text messages, or even check the local weather, Apple’s artificial-intelligence software has prompted users to utilize almost twice as much data as compared with the handset’s predecessor. According to networking software firm Arieso’s Chief Technology Officer, Michael Flanagan, “voice is the ultimate human interface. As you lower the barriers consumers will use their smartphones’ functions even more often.” Well, yes, and that’s what is paying off for the company, it’s like having a walking-talking personal assistant right in your pocket.

Carrier Woes Over Network Load

While Siri does all these great things for the user, the problem is massive internet usage in the background. The additional use of data is putting extra strain on mobile operators, many of which have already limited the amount of data offered in customers’ monthly plans, for eg. Vodafone, which is now charging users on the basis of data consumption rate. However, it’s obviously not the iPhone 4S that increases the load alone, devices such as the HTC Desire and Samsung Galaxy are also catalyzing the download revolution, with usage spectrums into anything from  browsing to streaming. However, it can be safely said that because Siri is the most engaging of all platforms, the iPhone 4S might be playing a greater role in traffic-increase these days.

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