Nokia’s New Nokia Lumia 800 Might Not Be Making the Cut

Nokia Lumia 800 with Windows Phone 7
A forecast from research-giant IDC suggests that 520,000 phones using the Windows operating system – spread over HTC, Samsung & Nokia – will ship in Western Europe in the fourth quarter. This compares with 140,000 Windows Phones shipped in the third quarter. Whilst HTC & Samsung have their shares to defend, the Finnish juggernaut next door has some issues, in the light of its “savior” phone Lumia 800 not paying off as it should.

Nokia Lumia 800’s Revival: No Smartphone Leaps, Really

Last week, US technology investment specialist Pacific Crest revised down its estimates for Nokia Lumia 800 sales from 2m to just 500,000 by Christmas. Sorry to pop the bubble, but it doesn’t look like it will materialize. On current stats, the Lumia 800 will barely have the marketing department at Apple or Samsung even close to being worried. Take for instance the new iPhone 4S, released in October, which sold 4m units in the first three days alone. The Lumia 800 hasn’t really showed that type of muscle, or even come close to flexing something in front of competitors.trailer film Nervous Laughter 2017

The Irony of The Situation

IDC calculates that in mature markets such as UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands, the N8, Nokia’s last most successful phone, shipped 780,000 units by its first holiday season. Surprisingly, the Nokia Lumia 800 boasts almost a fraction of those figures, even though supported by Nokia’s largest ever marketing campaign, and a reported $1bn in subsidy from Microsoft as “gratitude” for using its software. Telco carriers are bent on helping it succeed, take for example Orange, the company is bundling an Xbox 360 with every handset. The reason behind telcos putting their weight behind this market-mover is to avoid dominance of the iOS and Android, and supporting diversity in the mobile dimension. However, if consumer interest is bundled with these platforms, what can anyone do?

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