Samsung Galaxy S2 Leads Apple iPhone 4S in Q3 Smartphone Numbers

Ladies and Gentlemen, the numbers are in and we have a winner ….Samsung leads the iPhone maker after this third quarter of 2011, a period filled with lots of exciting activity in the mobile dimension, including the launch of Amazon’s tablet and Apple’s most innovative iPhone to date, the iPhone 4S smartphone.

The Grand Smartphone & Mobile Picture

According to Strategy Analytics & IDC, the overall global turnover for mobiles grew, with smartphone sales serving as the catalyst. Compared to the third quarter of 2010 that percolated a 348.9 million handset units shipped, this year boasted a 12.8% increase, capping at 393.7 vendor-shipments. Albeit…something that IDC was kind enough to point out was that as consumers across Europe and North America waited for Apple’s 4S rollout, the markets showed slower smartphone growth for the quarter. However, smartphone shipments di grow 44 percent to reach 117 million units in the third quarter.

Samsung Galaxy S2 vs. Apple iPhone 4S – Clash of the Titans!

Samsung in the house! Seriously… with a 219% year-on-year shipment growth and volumes higher than any other vendor for the first time, the Korean contender can finally celebrate being number one in the smartphone market. The question is for how long? Apple may be 7% behind the leading contender at 15% overall share, but with 4 million iPhones sold in the first 3 days on pre-order basis, and the season end ahead, Apple could soon be flexing its Big Brother muscle this last quarter and regain its market leader position. According to analysts though, the iPhone 4S will face quite some wrangling from the popular Galaxy S2.

Samsung  is closing the gap on Nokia

According to IDC, Nokia still tops the list of mobile phone vendors with 106.6 million units shipped in the third quarter and 27.1 percent of the market, but Samsung is closing the gap in this segment as well. It ended the quarter with 87.8 million units shipped and 22.3 percent of the overall market. Something to ponder for rivals…

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