A Case of Sleek & Styish: What Nokia World 2011 Unveiled

The curtains went up, the lights went blue, and out came a new Nokia to the world’s center-stage…a Nokia with something to hedge against the iPhone & Galaxy; a Nokia showing a new resolve to analysts and media alike….this truly was Nokia World 2011. Three thousand visitors from 70 countries attended the Finnish giant’s flagship event in London this year to see a “new Nokia.” Let’s find out what was unveiled and what lies ahead.

Illuminating, isn’t it? The Nokia Lumia 800 Smartphone
Nokia lumia 800 microsoft windows smartphone

Now, back in February of this year, Nokia announced that it would team up with Microsoft to develop its new platform and to “entrust” Symbian to global firm Accenture. The collaboration with Mr. Gates’ brainchild produced the first “real Windows phone” in the form of the Lumia 800, something that certainly put Nokia on the analyst hot charts. At a price of €420, this new device with an intuitive and refreshing interface (now we know where the name comes from), this is something that is bound to grab serious holiday season attention. One of the coolest features of this gadget is its messaging methodology. Instead of having to switch between different applications for messenger chats & other line messages, the Lumia simply integrates your messaging into threads that are accessible through one simple inbox. Pretty evolutionary, eh?

Asha, messaging and texting – ready

Also, something to appeal to the young masses or actually, “the 25 year old in all of us:” the Nokia Asha family. The Asha series targets youth in emerging markets with devices priced between  €60 to €115, touch functionality as well as QWERTY. The Asha series feature Angry Birds type games as well as dual SIM functionality in one of its models. With these additions to the mobile world, Nokia has done a good job of spurring competition for the year-end, especially with iPhone and Galaxy models coming out soon. What happens next…let’s wait and see. So far, so good, things are looking are hotter for the frigid Nordic mobile maker.

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