Apple Blanketing the Mobile Web Browser Traffic Landscape

With a whopping 50% control over the global smartphone market, wouldn’t it be logical to think that internet mammoth Google’s Android platform would also be flexing its muscle in the mobile net browser vertical? Not!… It’s actually Apple’s iOS that leads the pack, boasting three times the share of Android.

Hungry and Howling…

Apple’s operating system leads with a staggering 54.65% of the browser market, with Android not even second. It’s actually Java ME that’s trailing Apple with an 18.52% share. Finally, there’s Android with a 16.26% third place, followed by Symbian and Blackberry taking small chunks of the mobile web traffic pie. (Source:
Apple’s advantage can be attributed to its 68.3% global tablet market share with the iPad: a device, Android tablets as of yet, do not compete with. To its credit, Android leads the smartphone contest with 48% market share according to market-intelligence firm Canalys. Apple’s dominance may only grow with the iPod touch also enabling web browsing but Android may have found a competitor with the new Kindle Fire that is android based.

The Originals

Let’s revisit something from last month, also listed on our blog. That IDC estimated 2015 to be the year when mobile internet users will eclipse traditional fixed line users, and the CAGR for that is an annual 16.6% between 2010-2015. Utilize the stats above, put two and two together, and it can be extrapolated that if we don’t see significant market-moving devices coming from other places like the Fire, Apple just might be the company translating IDC’s estimate into reality by 2015. Now, all the glamour apart, what does this imply for Apple? Customer loyalty and product contentment. Apple users are very comfortable using their devices for browsing rather than other platforms such as PCs or laptops. That…is the quintessence of product development. And indubitably, will contribute to sales on Apple’s app-store, thereby driving the bottom line further.

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