Amazon stokes the Tablet Wars with Kindle Fire

Now, it wouldn’t surprise anyone if Amazon’s Kindle dominated the e-reader market, but what if Amazon attempted to become the 500-pound Gorilla in the tablet PC market (actually 14.6 ounces, in this case). Does the iPad have enough firepower to deal with a new beast on the block?
Despite the iPad constantly hammering the competition with each unit it sells, is it too optimistic to think that Amazon’s new tablet could make a small dent in Apple’s position? May be not…amazon Kindle Fire tablet

Bases Loaded….it’s a Grand Slam!

Well, Jeff Bezos did announce four products at once, the Kindle Fire, the 7-inch – 500 pound Gorilla tablet and a refreshed line of 3 e-readers: Kindle Touch 3G; Kindle Touch without 3G and a non-touch Kindle.
The blaze however, started, no pun intended, when the Amazon Fire was brought to the world’s eyes. Basically, the company is building on the success of its “e-reader-to-online store model.” JR Raphael of Computer World summarizes it pretty accurately, “From the interface to the app ecosystem and service selection, Amazon has effectively created a whole new platform that just happens to be based on the Android code.” iPhone vs. Android, Fire vs. iPad, where’s Don King when you need him?

Let’s get ready to rumble

So, here’s Amazon with its massive online store and a device to go along with it, but how does it play out on the battlefield? The secret weapon in the competition against the iPad seems to be the Fire’s $199 price-tag. Many analysts believe it to be the reason why Amazon has shipped “millions” of units in order to match the buyer interest that all the launch hype has generated, as well as be ready for the year- end holiday hoopla.
However, in terms of the intrinsic orientation, The Fire doesn’t really bite into the corporate worker’s contentment if you compare it with the iPad’s corporate functionality. Avram Piltch, editorial director at Laptop Magazine, said the device looked “more like an iPod killer than an iPad killer”, because of its ability to compete with only the content aspect of the iPad. Let’s see how the battle plays out during this last quarter of 2011, especially with HP out, and RIM facing an inventory backlog of 800,000 Playbook units.

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