6 Must have Android apps for Travel!

With summer just around the corner now, I am sure many of you are planning to hit the road or search for a nice serene place to spend your vacation time.
Here are a few of the most essential apps for your Android phone for travelling. Personally, I cannot do without them and recommend that you check them out before you begin your trip. So while you are busy packing your most important stuff, make sure to also download these apps on your phone from Android market. They are all carefully selected and very useful for making your next travel trip a breeze.

  1. Google Maps with Navigation (FREE)
    Google Maps with Navigation
    Google Maps is one of the most reliable and best apps for traveling that saves you from getting lost in a completely new place. It now comes with free voice-guided GPS navigation system, helps you in getting recommendations for places to go, and also let’s you see friends on the map and check in at places. So instead of making that wrong turn, spend a few minutes on it and you’ll never get lost.
    Download here
  2. Flight Track
    Flight Track
    A great app for traveling by air which ensures that you get real-time flight status and map tracking for airline flights worldwide. You also real time departure info, delays and gate numbers at a glance. Moreover you get Zoomable, live flight tracker maps with satellite and weather radar imagery. The app covers more than 4000 airports worldwide, so download and keep a good track of your flight.
    Download here
  3. Currency Guide
    Currency Guide
    This app you just can’t ignore. It not only converts currencies but also test your currency knowledge with FXware to make sure that FXware’s Currency Guide is more than a Currency Converter. Currency guide converts 160+ currencies using the latest foreign exchange rates. It comes with trend charts (including real-time streaming charts for select pairs), forex market news, daily rankings, a travel guide, an integrated tip calculator and a global currency quiz game.
    Download here
  4. Yelp (FREE)
    Yelp covers almost anything from restaurants to gas stations, bringing you detailed ratings and price levels. Search for places to eat, shop, drink and play then read reviews from an active community of locals in the know. This is also a must have app for android phone, so don’t miss it.
    Download here
  5. Vopium on Android
    Vopium on Android
    Vopium is a popular award winning VoIP app that let’s you save up to 94% on international calls & SMS: helping you to stay connected with your loved ones when you’re on vacation. If you and your friend both have Wi-Fi and Vopium, you can make absolutely free calls between the two of you. To try it, Vopium gives you 10 min free call and 10 SMS. If you like it, you can purchase the call minutes you need or try one of their many super saver call plans.
    Download here
  6. TripIt Travel Organizer (FREE)
    TripIt Travel Organizer
    Ever wondered If you had your own travel assistant? That’s what TripIt does by putting all your travel plans right on your android. The app is perfect for people who travel a lot. You can forward travel confirmation emails to plans@tripit.com to build a trip itinerary, or if you use Gmail or Google apps, you have the option to let TripIt fetch travel itineraries from your inbox automatically. Get two widgets available for quick access to your current itinerary. Also a winner at the 2011 Webby awards.
    Download here
    For anymore recommendation, please feel free to share in comments section.
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